HEEEEELLLLLLOOOOO, MY DEAR FRIENDS!!!ImageTo all of you who wandered “is he dead or did he just give up?” I am still here, happy and well. I, unfortunately, stopped at my 8th video because:

a) my video editing program decided to be a teenage girl and just wouldn’t let me finish exporting the final thing;

b) as I’m trying to be a good student, I have had SO MUCH to do, so after failing to make the 8th episode I didn’t have any time to sit on the couch, film the thing and then spend days finishing it as it takes a minimum of 3 days for 1 episode. Some might say “omg, he’s slow”…but try and film/write/present/edit/publish/promote your own video blog yourself;

c) I couldn’t get hold of my camera again.

So, to make up for it I have decided to have a post about cars every week on Sundays as it is way easier to do so and I could express myself without making ridiculous mistakes in English.

So…without further ado, I’M BACK!



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